Berry Blossom Nails

    Hello lovelies! Right now I'm very tired and absolutely out of any energy. Sorry for bring negative mood... Just a quick update: a few days ago huge kitchen chair fell on my foot finger (because of my stupid reason). It still hurts. Didn't broke the finger but it so hurts, like really hurts! Can't walking and even pull any shoes on :( Because of that I didn't update my blog as it used to be and feels no inspiration at all... But I did my nails today and here it is. Nothing special and creative. Only one nail color and nail stickers on :P I used Nail Design Glitter Sticker in Berry Blossom #03 by Skin Food and nail polish by The Face Shop Face & It Hologram Nails in PP 401.

    Those stickers with a little bit of pink tint to them. It is matching with my main nail color because of the pink stones as well. But looks like very unsuitable on the pictures :O

    Will be MIA for some time. Gonna wait for full recovery of my finger...

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    The Face Shop stamping art designs

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Twilight Time

    Hello manicure fans! How is your weekend goes? I have extreemly little time right now!

    Today I decided to change my mani for another next week because I had a very huge chipped tip on my ring finger. So I couldn't see that horridness anymore and here we go...

    I created some kind of twilight for this time. And it looks much better in real time. Because of not right lighting I can't show you all the beautiful-ness of this design.

    But anyways, for this nail art I used:

    A random sponge

    A thin synthetic brush

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    Yes, this is a sponge technique again! I just in love with final "non-flat" effect.

    Why Twilight? It's just how I personaly feel it. Just my own inspiration of it.

    How to get these nails:

    1. Apply base coat

    2. Apply silver nail polish as a main color and wait until it completely dry

    3. With a sponge apply black nail polish on 2/3 of nail plate

    4. Apply the same silver on 1/2 of nail plate

    5. Apply the same black on tips of your nails

    6. Draw a diagonal lines with glitter silver nail polish

    7. Apply butterfly stickers or whatever else you like

    8. Set all the design with a shimmer top coat.

    All those glitters reflecting the sun light and this nail art looks kind of blurry :( But it's totally cooler on the nails!

    Hope you'll try it :) And let me know what do you think? Love to hear your opinion!

Polka Dot Nail Tips

    Hey everyone! How do you doing in such hot weather? As for me I'm melting and truely wish this stupid summer finish!

    Anyways, today I had a chance to change my mani. My son finally went to school after summer holidays and my hubby had the last day of his vacation. So, he looked after little Heum during my favourite ritual.

    Also, as some of you asked to make a tutorials for nail designs I didn't, sorry for that! Really wish I do but don't have a lot of extra time and I'll try to create some as possible. As well as didn't got much pictures of this nail design because it is so sooo hot and wet weather, I can't stay for a long time out there :( Feels like I miss the air :(

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    This is just a regular french nail tips because I read Dina's blog post today and she did a french tips with O.P.I. in Rosy Mistletoe-Sies; so I decided too :P

    How to get these nails:

    1. Apply base coat.

    2. Make purple french nail tips.

    3. Draw white dots on nail tips.

    4. Apply some nail stickers.

    5. Finish with a shimmer top coat.

    If you don't have stickers like this, you can use what you have. Also you can create the same look with a regular nail bling-bling stones

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    I used:

    The Face Shop base coat + Face & It shimmer top coat

    The Face Shop Nail Talk nail polish in PP 408

    The Face Shop nail stickers #17

    The Face Shop Nail Dot Pen in White #1 (click here to see more options in using the Nail Dot Pen)

    Let me know what do you think?

    What mani do you like for summer time?

    P.S. This is not my very first blog update! Since I've lost most part of my pictures on Google Picasa album I deleted failed update :(((

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