Twilight Time

    Hello manicure fans! How is your weekend goes? I have extreemly little time right now!

    Today I decided to change my mani for another next week because I had a very huge chipped tip on my ring finger. So I couldn't see that horridness anymore and here we go...

    I created some kind of twilight for this time. And it looks much better in real time. Because of not right lighting I can't show you all the beautiful-ness of this design.

    But anyways, for this nail art I used:

    A random sponge

    A thin synthetic brush

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    Yes, this is a sponge technique again! I just in love with final "non-flat" effect.

    Why Twilight? It's just how I personaly feel it. Just my own inspiration of it.

    How to get these nails:

    1. Apply base coat

    2. Apply silver nail polish as a main color and wait until it completely dry

    3. With a sponge apply black nail polish on 2/3 of nail plate

    4. Apply the same silver on 1/2 of nail plate

    5. Apply the same black on tips of your nails

    6. Draw a diagonal lines with glitter silver nail polish

    7. Apply butterfly stickers or whatever else you like

    8. Set all the design with a shimmer top coat.

    All those glitters reflecting the sun light and this nail art looks kind of blurry :( But it's totally cooler on the nails!

    Hope you'll try it :) And let me know what do you think? Love to hear your opinion!

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