Emerald Sparkle and Disney Nail Design.

    HEY all! I am already hit 950 followers and I am so thankfull for all ur support! I know I have to do some giveaways and such but actually next week I'll go to my Christmas and New Year's Eve vacation so kindda not good time for me for hosting a contests. But if U just started blogging or just want to be futured on my blog message me at requesttoanastacia@yahoo.com and I'll be make a posts about ur blogs! This is the best I can thank U for now and when I back of course I'll do some fun contests etc. ;)

    Anyways, yesterday I've changed my mani again and I used Emerald nail polish by Sassy *wink @v2* and on top of that I applied clear nail polish with a bunch of rainbow glitters to it by Beauty World Nail Coctail Trio kit. And added some flower stickers on.

    Emerald Sparkle 

    This is my right hand on natural day light. On this hand I did a French tip only on my index finger.

    Very easy to do nail design and don't take a lot of time tho!

    Emerald Sparkle 

    Awe! Also the other day I played with my image plates and decided to stamp on some Mikkey and Minnie Mouse images. For the main color I used creame white nail polish; sponged on top of it orange, yellow, lime green, light blue and purple; stamped the images with black color and made some red dots all over the nail plate. My son was an absolute delight from these Disney nails :)


    Thats it for now! Thanx for looking everyone! Take care!

    And right now I'm gonna paint my toes because Thriszha just soooo inspiring me with her every single work!

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