a-la Flowers

    HI ladies! Yesterday i was bored of waiting for mail with passport for my little baby and decided to change my mani. It took me a pretty long time because i've did a lot of layers. I applied a light yellow nail polish as main color; sponged on top of it bright yellow, green and dark green. Applied a sparkle nail polish on top of everything and drew some black, white and red lines which seems like a flower shape. Added some random dots and shimmer top coat.


    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502

    BW Nail Coctail nail polish in glittery white

    Aritaum Two Way nail art pen in White and Black

    a-la flowers

    ...natural light...

    ...with a flash...

    a-la flowers

    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL701. Application in 2 coats. Sorry for such clumsy layering :P

    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL701

    And i also did another shot for my naked nails. I just applied The Face Shop Almond nail and cuticle balm on. Amazing stuff, love it so much, very moisturizing and hydrating my nails! But when the last time i went to the store it was sold out :( I have to get a backup for this product, seriously need it!

    I know the nails look kindda very yellow tho but honestly i don't worry? who cares which color my nails under nail polish?

    Naked nails

    Thats it! Next time i'll do some stamping nail design because i just got sweet R.A.O.K. from MAE (Art of Nail) :) Check out her amazing nail art blog! because she is so talented and inspiring with all the nail designs!

    Thanx for looking :)

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