CHERRY + Vacation HAULs

    Hello everyone! This week goes so fast! At June 25 it was very first birthday party of my little son :) Yay! He is already 1 year old :D We also had a small foto session with both my sons :) It was such a great experience. I will show some professional *lol* pictures as soon as they will ready. Anyways, today, in my case tonight, I decided to show one of my previouse nail design which I did when stayed at my mom's place. 



    HOW TO DO:

    1. First of all I used a base coat for my nails. After that I applied a neon orange polish in 2 coats.

    2. Then I sponged a bit of a yellow color on the tips of my nails.

    3. Applied a yellow shimmery/glittery jelly.consist nail polish on top of it.

    4. Put on some cherry water decals and sealed with a top coat. Done!


    And here is some of my new items which I bought at my mom's place. I really wanted to buy another brand of polishes but I couldn't find any of them :( Also I didn't used all of them, most of polishes are still new.

    Nail art polishes with a long and thin brush; fimo wheel; nail art deco glitters.

    Nail Art Nail Polishes

    And yesterday I finaly visited The Face Shop store and bought some of new nail polishes. Cracking polishes in grey, blue and brown. Can't wait to use them :P

    The Face Shop Goodies

    I also bought a ton of other things, but seems like my google account glitching so crazy, all my pictures are simply disappeared :(

    Thats all for now. 'till next time :D

    Thanx for looking!

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