Hello everyone! For the last few months I've did my toe nails kindda normal shape. Because I always had a "grow-in" edges and finally they began growing absolutely normally :D Yay! Kindda excited coz I don't have all those unpleasant and painful feelings anymore! So now I can make some pedicures and toe nail arts :D Very happy :D And here it is...



    Catherine Arley Nail Lacquer #706

    Acril Paint in Emerald Green

    Emily Nail Enamel #2

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply light yellow nail polish as a background color.

    2. With a thin detail brush draw some petals kindda shapes on big toes and make some random dots on the rest of toes.

    3. Seal everything with a yellow glittery (jelly consistency) nail polish.

    Pedi Art 



    Emily Nail Enamel #47

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply bright orange nail polish as a background color.

    2. Sponge some white polish on the tips of toes.

    3. Apply jelly glittery orange polish on top of everything.

    4. Make some zebra print on top of the white tips and apply top coat on.

    Zebra Stripes

    The Face Shop nail polish from Lovely Me:ex collection in GR502 + China green flakies nail polish (no name)


    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection nail polish in PP403 + Loreal Magic Color Crystal Sparkling nail polish


    Golden Rose nail polish #18 + Needme Golden glitters nail polish #327


    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in BL602 + Golden Rose #111 rainbow glitters nail polish


    This one looks a little bit bad because of the sponge effect. I sponged creame white nail polish all over my toes and put on some water decal with a fruits. Yeah... sponged toes looks not good on me lol~

    Fruit Water Decal

    I think thats everything I wanted to show. And because I don't have a camera right now, mine is broken :( I can't post a new pics with my nails, just sharing with what I have :P

    Next blog update will be about my nail care with some naked nail pictures.

    Thanx for looking and have a nice day <3

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