HeLLo everyone! Hope U are aLL doing great!

    I really do ♥ all type of nail decoration things! Because it is easier to decorate ur nails with something else if u are not so good at freehanding as I do. Honestly I like to use nail stickers and all such things to decore my nails more than painting with a brush or make a stamping art. It is all still hard for me to do. So, I found another way to make a nail art look cute is a fimo sticks or U can find them in a fimo slice wheels.

    A ton of diffrent forms of fimo sticks available on Born Pretty store and there is a lot of random designs like a flowers, fruits, play boy, cup cakes, Channel - Dior - Louis Vuitton logo, even Hello Kitty FIMO STICKS. It is so cute, coz I got mine 100 pcs Cane Nail Art Fimo and I can't stress enought how I am happy :D 

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    The description of Born Pretty says: "The set includes 100 most popular fimo as shown in the picture. You will get butterflies, flowers, fruits, leafs, tidy bear, heart, kitty face ..... exactly the same items as you see in the above picture. The length is 50-55 mm. The diameter is 3-5 mm. How to use? Cut the nail art fimos into thin or thick pieces as you like, and glue them on your nail. Sutiable for personal or professional use. Tips: You can tell us the pattern you are interested in.(allow the pattern which is not in the pictures.) We will try our best to find it to you."

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    To cut my fimos I'm using just a thin cutter, nothing special, there is no need buying anything professional!!

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    Here I made a Citrus nail design using the fimos. I like how look my nails. Just keep looking at them all the time :D LOL~

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply base coat polish at first. Then apply a coat of yellow glitter jelly nail polish.

    2. With a yellow and orange acrylic paint make some gradient nail tips.

    3. Apply one more coat of yellow glitter jelly polish and put on citrus fimo slices.

    4. Randomly put on green beads. Seal everything with a top coat and DONE!


    The Face Shop Nail Pleasure collection in Whitener (as a base)

    Emily n.p. #2 (for a glittery yellow jelly) 

    Acrylic paints in Lemon Yellow and Vermilion Hue

    Green beads, fimo slices

    VoV Gel Coat ( as top coat)

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    Quick Tip: Fimo slices looks flat on ur nails when U cut them as thin as U can. Just a few mm.

    Quick Tip: To stick fimo slices use more thickened (clear) nail polish. A minute after application press down all over fimo slice. It is recommended to seal with top cote! 

    Here is more nail design ideas for using fimo slices :)


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    I can give  for sure!!! One fimo stick will last U for a very-very long time and it's such a great product to decorate ur nails!

    Definately check out and order some for yourself. Also U can use my cupon code below for 10% off.

    Thats all! Thanx for looking and have a great day!

    This product was sent by BornPretty store.

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    P.S. Summer Inspired contest is closed now! I will post all the entries in my next blog update! It'll be comment voting btw! Good luck to everyone!

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