HeLLo everyone! This is my recent mani I've did a long time ago. It was winter time, yeah... LOL~ And because of that this design looks as for winter inspiration :P And while I was in my native place, I found such a nice nail polishes it called Golden Rose polishes. Yes, they are very-very cheap but some of their colors could be so amazing and beautiful! And one of such pieces own my sister. It is a nail polish from her collection she gave me to try it out :D And I liked it a lot. Very nice and smooth application. But the only drawback with this products they are not long lasting and if U wearing a nice top coat it'll be works as great!

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    1. Nail Growth Stimulator as a base coat.

    2. Golden Rose nail polish # 113.

    3. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish in BL 602.

    4. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish in WH 001.

    5. Golden Rose nail polish # 111.

    6. The Face Shop Face & it shimmer top coat # 05

    7. Sponge and 3D flower nail sickers.

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply a base coat and wait until completely dry. Then apply shimmer/glitter silver nail polish as a main background color and wait until completely dry.

    2. With a tiny piece of a sponge apply some of a blue nail polish on nail tips as "V" shape. Add a bit of a white color on top of it.

    3. After all thats dry apply a clear polish with a lots of rainbow glitters to it and wait until dry.

    4. Add some flower 3D stickers and finish up with a shimmer top coat. DONE!

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    GOLDEN ROSE nail polish #113. Application in 2 coats. Applies very smooth and looks just awesome :)

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    Thats it for today! Just wanted to share nice and cheap nail polish I found LOL~

    Thanx for looking! Have a great day everyone!

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