HeLLo everyone!! How is ur weekend goes? It is so rainfall here in Korea lol~ I can't even open my windows :D And just sitting at home in front of the screen and try to share my wonderful experience ;)

     Despite the fact that Konad made ​​in Korea brand - it is very difficult to get their products over here. So untill now I didn't used them BUT there is a very nice replacement of such nail stamping kits. And one of them are available on BORN PRETTY store.

    For all those people who like designing nails it is such a nice way to create a beautiful manicure by yourself. It is pretty easy to do a nail designs with this kit because it includes everything u need.

    Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit includes:

    2 pcs metal plate

    3 pcs nail stamp polish

    1 stamper and 1 scraper

    Color of the nail polish: Red, Green, Dark Blue.

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    By the way, with this nail art stamping kits u can designing not only ur nails. As well as U can decorate ur cell phone and more other hard surfaces. 

    Those image plates are excellent quality. Every single design turns out perfectly. What I can't say about special polishes in the kit. I kindda tried to use them a few times already but seems like a texture is very fluid for this purpose. So I've used different s.p. from this kit.

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    Special Polishes a bit closer

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    BORN PRETTY image plates B87 and B89. >_< my new babies :P

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    Here I made some designs with both plates :D I call this one "Born Pretty" using image plate B89 and sp in Black.

    HOW TO DO:

    1. Apply a base coat at first. After that with a tiny piece of sponge apply creame yellow only on nail tips.

    2. Apply yellow glitter jelly nail polish.

    3. Stamp a few black flowers and put a rhinestone on the center.

    4. Make a few dots with a dotting tool and yellow acrilic paint.

    5. Seal everything with a shimmer top coat and DONE!

    DO NOT forget to take off a plastic cover from image plates before use. And also u have to wipe off all the remains of nail polish afterwords. Lets keep our stuff clean lol~

    Born Pretty Born Pretty image plate design

    And here is another design using B87 ip and sp White.


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    Overall I think it worth to try only those image plates. Do like them a lot!

    Use my cupon code for 10% OFF on http://www.bornprettystore.com/

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    The nail stamping kit was sent to me by Born Pretty store.

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