HeLLo everyone! Hope U are all doing great! Just want to say a big thanx for all ur sweet comments and for supporting me and my blog all the time! Very do appreciate it!

    And today I want to share one of my previous nail designs :) It's a cute panda bears water slide decals I've used. My mom bought to me whole set of such cute things :) I'll do more water slide decals nail design for U :)

    Also tomorrow I'm going with my family to the 남해 (South Sea) beach for our summer vacation. I'll be there for 3 days :) Yay! very exciting :)


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    Also recently I've bought just a few new things from The Face Shop as always. I found matte yellow nail polish and glittery nail polishes as well. Got some nail polish remover which is my all time fave nail polish remover, nail art stickers and got hand cream, make-up pouch (loveeee that blue color), cotton pads as a service a.k.a. freebies :)

    New Prorance Cracking nail polishes...

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    Thats all for now! I'll be back next week :)

    Thanx for visiting and take care :)

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