Freehand Pikachu and Christmas gift to myself

    Ok, LOL~ I'm agree with all of U that it's kindda creepy and weird to see this hand, just hand by itself hahaha but I found it soooo useful for freehanding and next time I'm gonna try 3D acrylic designing :) At first it was too weird for me to look at this tool as well and honestly I didn't want
    my kids to see it just to avoid any psychological
    effects. But 
    accidentally my lil' boy took it out from my stash and he was laughing and run to my big Heum and OMG! they both was so exciting to play with it and trying to scary their daddy etc. And now this hand proudly shows off on
    my desk and I can use it whenever I want :) I just 
    explained that this isn't a real hand but dummy :)

    And I already have tried free-handing on that hand and it was very comfy to do a manicure. I rotated it in different directions and angles and just really enjoyed use this tool! Only I wish I could draw something really pretty LOL~

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    I'm still doing project 10 pan because I have to use all those beauty products I have otherwise it simply will
    need to
     throw away. But I decided to make a Christmas gift to myself and bought this nail art pen set from Born Pretty store. It's 24 different colors. The actual nail polish bottle comes in brush and pen shape which is the only reason I bought them :) Also the nail art brush is not too long and I find it more useful. On the bottom of each bottle there is stuck tiny needle just in case if hole in pen will be clogged.

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    There is 8 basic colors. Quite enough of orange shades LOL~

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    Here is more frosty/shimmery finish nail polishes. 7 different, ok almost different colors.

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    And finally my favourites. 9 Glittery nail art polishes. It includes gold and silver holo art pens.

    From this set I tried just basic yellow color and it seems to me quite pigmented but thick consistence.

    Anyways I'm happy with this gift to myself LOL~

    Are U gifting stuff to yourself too?

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