"SNOW WHITE" nails

    I was checking my blog this morning and all that stuff and AGAIN I found that my Picasa album has removed quite a few dozens pictures of mine!!! WTF!!! I was told some time ago, that it can happens because some pictures repeat numbers of each other and it is automatically deleted. BUT, I looked at every single picture on that damn album and assign individual names and numbers and in spite of this I still loosing pictures! As much as I love blogging I hate BLOGSPOT.COM!!! They always trying to change the actual blog design and all that stuff but never think of fixing problems! I think I'm not asking a lot from them but whats going on?? Why I'm loosing my pictures??

    I need ur help guys! How do U edit pictures on ur blog? Do U have such kindda problem? How do you fix this?

    ANYWAYS!!! Let's go back to the nail challenge again, cause I really don't like when something started and not finished. So I'm now on Day 23 and it Inspired by A MOVIE theme. So I didn't thought about it for long time because I already had SNOW WHITE water decals and I wanted to play with them so much and actually I do like this Disney movie-anime.

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    My sister always laughs at me because I use yellow nail polish way too much/often. And I re-purchase this The Face Shop YL702 from Lovely Me:ex collection more often than for example top coat or something else LOL~ When I don't know what to use for my nails it always gonna be yellow kindda shade hahaha~

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    It's very simple design. I applied 2 coats of creme yellow nail polish, sponged blue on my nail tips. With detailed brush and red acrylic paint I added those "diamonds' and stuck water decals on. Simple as 1,2,3 LOL~

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    Thats it for MOVIE inspired theme :) Iwill finish this challenge anyways hahaha~

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