REVIEW: Practicing Hand

    I'm so suck at free-handing designs and I really want to practice them more but I can't do that on my real nails because simply I don't have a lot of time for playing with failure drawing and such. And I found the best way to
    skills is something else for example nail art training display Practicing Hand from Born Pretty store.

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    Moveable Practice Hand

    Price: $11.80

    Reusable hand. Can be used for acrylic, gel and designing nails. Perfect for nail art beginners and professional uses.

    Whole length: 25 cm

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    It looks very close to the real hand, the color of rubber and the actual shape. Only it's a smal version of "human" left hand. All fingers are movable and can be bent not to easy but still I can bend them.

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    This hand has holes for insertion of fake nails. The actual holes holding fake nails very well without glue and it's completely easy to use. Pushing fake nails to the slots not difficult at all without pre-treatment and filing fake nails.

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    OVERALL: I'm really happy with this practicing hand. All it's need just to stock
    more of fake nails. Can't wait to share about my nail painting experience in my next post.

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