MINNIE Mouse Nails

    It's special day today! Today is 5th birthday of my eldest son and it obvious that the
    time flies very fast! Because he went to the kindergarden today we don't have a party. But we gonna have a 
    delicious dinner with
    friends and family tonight :) And for this occasion I made MINNIE MOUSE nails using pre-cut water decals.

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    X & D Full Nail Art Water Decal

    Code: 43#

    Price: $4.74

    Available: KKCENTERHK

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    the back
     side of
    the package includes full instructon of how-to use those decals. And for the step 5 where they say to file off all the excess decal I suggest U to apply top coat at first and then gentely with a small size dotting tool pick up all the 
    excess product. It's
    thus possible
    avoid free edges being naked. 

    10 water decal images of Minnie Mouse for one mani.

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    Direct sun light...

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    Because I have natural nails "with
    a hump" the actual application is not perfect but it looks not bad at all after I apply top coat. All the water decal sizes suits my nails very well. This decals can be easily removed with any nail polish remover. And they wearable for 3-4 days, at least for me.

    Have U tried pre-cut water decals? Do U like them?

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