Rainbow Holes

    I want to start this post with thanking Mini for the Cute Blog Award. I already have did this tag before [HERE] and I'm so happy to get it from such talented nail art guru like her. Mini's nail designs are in Japanese nail art magazines and absolutely all of them are amazing! So unique and creative! >_<

    Talking about lovely girls I want to mention Angeline's nail polish blog. She recently started new blog and there is a nail polish paradise. So many different brands and colors, a lot of interesting nail art things! And Angie just such sweet and friendly person :)

    I'm so happy to have friends like U girls! It's so amazing to share our common interests with each other!

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    I've changed my manicure today for this neon colors :) I did pretty the same design for the 31 days nail challenge and it was inspired by the Artwork look [HERE] and today I wanted to play with more bright colors. Using the same sponging method. I applied neon yellow, pink, green and a little bit of royal blue on the sponge and made my general background rainbow pattern. And with detail nail art brush and black acrylic paint I drawn sort of holes. Sealed everything with a clear top coat and done.

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    A few days ago I bought another PERIPERA nail polish in "PEARL WHITE" from their scented collection. I applied 2 layers without top coat. This polish was the main base color for my today's mani. Very nice smell and amazing wide brush. The texture is a bit runny for this particular polish but 2 coats quite enough for opaque application. This is not basic pearl white, to me it looks more like ivory color IRL. It doesn't make my skin tone darker at all, love this new baby >_<

    ***I buy this nail polish brand in my local store and for international readers I suggest to check out Ebay.***

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     My Big Heum (my eldest son) got chickenpox right on the Lunar New Year and it's really not fun :( He has strong fever sometimes and it's itching everywhere :( But the good side is to go through this now because children carry the

    I have not much time to thank everyone personally for all ur support, sweet comments and multiple visits BUT I give U all a "virtual hug" and love U all!

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