So into pink nail polishes right now LOL~ Recently I bought a ton of different pink nail polishes and one of them I used for today's mani. It's from The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection in PK105. Which is creme pink color, very nice and opaque nail polish. I'm wearing only one coat of this for my french tips and it's absolutely enough for amazing yet even application. 

    But right now I want to share not my new nail polish baby but the craft nail decoration set I've got from Born Pretty store the other day :)

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    Price: $15.44

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    It's 12 different nail decorations with this see through plastic box. It sounds a bit expensive for just the decorations but in my opinion it's totally worth it. Because if U apply and remove them carefully it may be used again and again! (also U can use my coupon code PAJ61 for 10% OFF) All the decorations have flat back and can be used for both:  for artificial nails and for natural nails as well. To stick on these decorations I like to use thick/old clear nail polish and seal it with 2 layers of top coat. So it stays nice and well.

    I just so love this cute and original things on my nails >_<

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    Here I took picture of my favourite pieces :) But I think each of them has an individual twist!

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    For this manicure I did pink french tips by using french tip guide stickers. Contour the smile line with silver art pen nail polish, added pink rhinestones and the rose on accent nail. Done!

    This was my first inspiring mani for the Valentine's Day but I'm gonna to do quite a few more very soon :)


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