Cracking Nails

    Hey Lovelies! Finally all holidays finished and my life back to normal lol~

    Recently I did a nail polish swap with ThRiSzHa and she sent me this black cracking nail polish. Seriously, this is 3rd time I've tried to put it on :P But thanx to ThRiSzHa, she taught me how to apply it correctly. For the main color I used another nail color from this swap Allue in Neon Orange.


    Here is more things from Thriszha. Yay! Thank u so much! I am so exciting because I've got my very first Hello Kitty stamping kit, can't wait to play with it. Also water decals, nail stickers and nail stones are so adorable! And she sent me a small container of i.d. bare minerals but I forgot to get picture of it :(

    Look at these goodies, yay!..


    Thats it for now! Thanks for looking!

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