Ghosts for Halloween

    Hey ladies! Sorry for being completely MIA, because of these holidays here in Korea I am absolutely don't have any time on blogging and all those stuff. But the other day I played with some different designs for Halloween and such... Kindda created ghosts, do they look like a ghosts?

    Ghosts for Halloween

    And here I swatched my new nail polishes I bought lately.

    Magenta by Lofes. Application in 2 coats.


    Purple Sparkle by Eclipse. Application in 2 coats. Clear based nail polish with a bunch of purple glitters.


    Watermelon Green by Lofes. 2 coats.


    Bikini Orange by Eclipse. 2 layers.


    I like all those nail polishes. Very nice payoff. Dries for a normal time. Available like everywhere here in Korea.

    Gonna grab some more bright colors :P

    Thats all for today! Thank u for looking and have a nice day!

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