Pink Starfall

    Hey nail polish lovers! xoxo~

    The other day I've got some nail glitters and today I had a chance to play with them. It is a traditional Korean holidays starts from tomorrow called Chusok and I do not want to get my nails look too bright. So I stopped on this nail design using pearl pink glitters, pink nail polish and some TheFaceShop nail stickers.



    Here is a main pink color by d.te Celebrity. It is korean brand nail polish. Kindda like them a lot. I own only 3 different colors and all of them has a very nice payoff.

    d.te nail polish in Real Pink. Application in 2 layers.


    I found some new nail polishes in my local supermarket. Like the colors but didn't swatched them yet.


    Thats it! Thanx for looking!

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