Abstract Nail Design: Stripes and Dots

    Hey all! How was ur weekend so far? Mine was just as usual. We went to my in-laws, had a yummy time with my family and such :)

    Here is another mani I've did before. Just a sponge technique + some stripes and dots. Very easy to do and it still looks kindda interesting.


     (some of the links are clickable, it'll take directly to the product)

    Aritaum nail whitener and base coat polish

    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL702

    The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502

    Aritaum nail polish in Crazy Green #54

    The Face Shop shimmer top coat

    The Face Shop white dotter polish

    Aritaum black nail art pen

    Golden Rose neon orange art polish

    VoV Gel base coat

    Sponge and green rhinestones.

    HOW TO DO:

    1. After applying base coat sponge yellow nail polish diagonaly on the nail tips.

    2. Place with a sponge light green a bit above yellow.

    3. Do the same with turquoise color.

    4. Apply shimmer top coat or whatever shimmer nail polish will works just as well.

    5. Place some black stripes from outer corner of nail tips, do the same with neon orange color.

    6. Add some white and black dots + green rhinestones.

    7. Seal everything with a clear top coat. Done!

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    It sounds like very hard to do but it's actually not. U should try it sometime ;)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    My both hands.

    Sorry for the lighting, it was a nighttime and this picture was took with a flash...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Thats all for now! Thanx for looking and happy polishing everyone:)

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