HeLLo everyone!

    Today August 9 is a birthday of my dear friend Johanne a.k.a. Thriszha. She is such an amazing person, very kind and understanding. Also she is the only blogger who inspired me for designing nails. I really do love here blog and I've read every single post from the very firt one to yesterday's "Stiletto Gel Nails". I think U should visit her blog too (CLICK HERE) because U'll love it for sure!  

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    Usually, in such a big day

    Which is named Birthday

    Friends with an open mind

    You bring greetings.

    So let life be clean,

    And every day, let it be brighter

    And the beauty of life

    Itself will come to you for free!

    Love U my dear friend and hopefuly by now U opened my birthday package for U :)

    Have an amazing birthday party sweetheart mwahh~

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