BARE NATURAL NAILS + One Lovely Blog Award

    HeLLo everyone! Just a simple update for my natural growing nails :) Recently I am using Smart Enamel Nail Growth Stimulator and it works just great for my nails :) They have a little of yellow undertone but actually I don't care a lot, anyways just happy that my nails are healthy and growing well. It's enough for me.

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    I do not use a lot of nail care products recently but some of my new nail care stuff is must have for me so far.

    ARITAUM nail whitener (non-yellowing).

    I just started using this nail care product and totally wanna see any result. 

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    ARITAUM nail protector base.

    Very nice texture of this product and dries so fast, just a few sec. and it ready for another mani step :) Really happy with this :)

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    Also I was tagged by sweet Angie for "One Lovely Blog Award" and I am so appreciate it! ThanQ again dear!

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    Here is the rules:

    Link back to the person that gave you this award

    Write 7 random facts about yourself

    Nominate other bloggers

    Random facts about me:

    1. I am a huge mother-in-law hater! LOL~ Usually I don't hate any people but this "inspired" by my mother-in-law! She is such evil hag that needs to be still in search in real time. I just can't stress enough how such woman can be a mother to my husband? Do U have any tips/tricks to completely ignore ur mother-in-law? Help me please!!

    2. Other than that I so love flowers. I have a dream to make my own flower garden in our veranda when my sons will get a bit older:)

    3. I can't swim and go on swinging bridges. I afraid of water and height.

    4. Love to watch exciting movies. Just yesterday I finally bought on-line last part of Harry Potter. Started watching Vampire Diaries season II and enjoying whole DVD of "Global Catastrophe" movies. Just like such genre.

    5. My favourite song for now is Arash feat Helena "Broken Angel" . Azerbaijan pop-group. Love most of their songs!

    6. I speak three languages Russian (native language), Korean ( 2nd language) and English (by as much as) LOL~

    7. I am still in love with Lee Min Ho (이민호)

    I am tagging all of U because each of U is special for me!

    Thanx for looking :)

    Happy polishing!

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