AUTUMN Nail Design

    HeLLo everyone! Just a quick update. Finally all the holidays are finished and now I can breathe LOL~ The weather is pretty humid for the last few days over here just because it last days of summer we are also call it "Indian summer". But I already inspired and feel autumn. My absolutely favourite time of the seasons. So nice and romatic, easpecially I like the trees with red leaves. Very beautiful out there!

    I made this mani a very long time ago when my nails was short. Just used chocolate brown nail polish as a main background color, sponged some neon orange and yellow on top and stick "glow-in-the-dark" nail stickers.

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    And this is my TOTD (toes of the day). Peripera Luxury Red nail polish + Diana Sparkle Red. White flower elements and some gold hexagones.

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    Thats it for now! Thanx for visiting and commenting!

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