Pedicure: Camouflage Design

    What did you first come to in mind when someone asked what nationality U are? (and don't mean which coutry from!)

    Personally, I go into a rage! I stopped being a fan of one of the finest blogs of nail community and today I stopped following that blog only because of that! I do not respect those people who think they are gods and have the right to dispose of! SO!!! For those who are very interesting which nationality I am - I AM KOREAN! And I am very proud to be KOREAN! Yes I have narrow eyes, but I do not have such ugly heart as U do. It is not nasty for me to respond on messages on non Koreans and I am happy to have "bigeye" friends from all over the world!

    I am pretty sure that the mother her son (just a student boy) was killed only because he was Korean, already forgiven those stupid idiots in Russia. In the same way about me, I almost forgot about that horrible 1 month vacation that I had in Ufa (Russia), those people was break me in a moral sense, every single day, because I looked like a Chinese woman. So I am not welcome here on my blog and around me IRL to nationalists. Don't get on my way! Yes, I mean all the countries of the former USSR! Stop hate other people, and think about ur miserable life OK? 

    So, ok! When I feel a bit better I want to share my toes of the day. This is a nail patches from BornPretty store. Sorta metallic camouflage design it's #53 btw. I can't use them on my nails but I so like how it looks on my toes :) I needed only 4 stickers for all 10 nails. I used 2 big patches for my big toe nails and for the rest of them I used another 2, just made a suitable shape by using small scissors. It stays on for 3 days already and nothing bad happened to them. It still looks like I just put them on! Happy with the result! sunlight, so bling-bling!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And thats all! Have to go now! It's too late!

    Thanx for looking!

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