Just decided to start this kind of "How-to series". Because quite often I get some random questions about my nails 'n such and thought that sharing with information about nail care and nail growing it's may be helps for some of U! So, lets start with a simple but very important thing as filing ur nails.

    First of all lets pic up "right" file. And so far I can offer 2 options which are glass and buffing nail file. I recommend to stay away from metallic types coz they are very harsh at least for me.

    I personally prefer buffing nail file, it's easy to control when filing and some of them has very cute and girly decoration. One that I use for now it's from The Face Shop store.

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    Next step would be chosing nail shape. There is stiletto, round/oval, pointed, square and squoral basic shapes. My personal preference is squoral shape because it looks nice and practical in everyday life. 

    After U decided which shape will work well for you make sure that U removed old nail polish. Gentely wipe off all the excess around nail plate, free edge, uder nail tip if necessary. Just make sure ur nails are clean.

    So, lets get to on nail filing.

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    1. Take nail file and don't hold it to tight.

    2. Visually divide the nail into two parts and find the middle/center.

    3. Start filing sides of free edges in one direction to the center.

    4. File free edge in one direction to achieve required length.

    5. And I personally like to file sharp corners of my nail tips and make them just a little bit rounded.

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    • If U have not symmetrical nail beds turn ur hand to the palm and try to do the same length of each nail.

    • Don't file back and forth it will damage ur nail.

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    So thats it for nail filing! Any questions? Leave them below.

    Thanx for reading!

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