Born Pretty: Gel Eye Liner + MakeUp Looks

    Another day off of the nail challenge coz I've got some other products from Born Pretty store to share with :)

    I bought 3 gel eye liners from The Face Shop (black, brown and purple) may be last year because I was so sooo exciting to try out this type of eye liners. And I was very upset because it was absolutely not usable, very dry and thick consistency, completely dried almost after a month of use :( And recently when I received an offer by Jayce to review their products I asked for this gel eyeliners kit. Because my desire to enjoy such eye liners remains in force LOL~

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    Both this eyeliners includes in one package and it costs $5.40 + FREE SHIPPING.

    Born Pretty store says:

    "Ultra-smooth fluid line's gel formula provides the precision of an eye liner.

    They can keep a long day,with no stains or creasing.

    High quality waterproof Gel Eyeliner.

    Easy to use, has the ability to design and be creative, suit different make-up style.

    Weight: 46 g.

    Color: Black and brown".

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    Anastacia's Thoughts: Both of this eye liners came in a see through plastic package in the lid of which is individually small brush which is very useful. Actually I use only those brushes to line my eyes. I found the size of the brushes is very suitable for all types and shapes of eye liners from thick dramatic to very thin a-la natural. The actual product is so nice and opaque. I also made the swatches above for both brown and black liners. The texture is very soft and smooth and the application is very nice, absolutely easy to use product. I'm wearing both of them quite often now and can't stress enough how great those eye liners are! I've tested both of them for long lasting and it stays on for 6-8 hours on me (I usually don't wear any make-up longer than 8 hours). I didn't noticed any fall outs, no missing pieces to the end of the day on my gel eye liners and it's not hard to remove. Just any make-up remover will works great. With this gel eye liners I can save much time in comparison of use regular liquid eye liners. It still as precise as liquid liners and much-much easier to apply.

    I did 2 different looks using both colors. This type of products has a property of blending. In my second look I smudged a bit black liner and it complements very nicely any smokey eyes :) Sorry for not clear picture, it was very cloudy out there...

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    Overall: I'm very happy to have this gel eye liners! I don't have any cons for this products!


    Don't forget to use my cupon code for 10% OFF PAJ61 and check out these great gel eyeliners [HERE] on Born Pretty store.

    This products was sent by the company for review purpose.

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