Challenge Day 18: HALF MOONS nails.

    My sister poses again for Day 18 and HALF MOONS. It's probably quite noticeable when I share my sister's nails it something fast and simple just because she has very tiny nails and it's hard to do anything right now and also her nails are so weak and flaky. She is a hairdresser and coz of all those chemicals for perm the nails got crumble :( But she using a lot of nice nail care stuff, so it'll help I guess!

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    Didn't had any particular idea for the HALF MOONS and just found this Chanel picture on google :) I love that orange color but don't have the exact same nail polish so I layerd to different and got it :)

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    To start the half moon shape on the cuticle area I used small detailed brush.

    To get that amazing orange color as it on the picture I applied one coat of creme yellow and on top of that applied creme orange but it has to be quite sheer so yellow undertone can be seen through.

    Edit later: There is no product used picture because Blogspot deleted my pictures!! 

    Full mani...

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    Thats it for Day 18 :)

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