NAIL CARE: Beautiful Cuticles!!!

    HeLLo everyone! Zarina Villanueva asked about my cuticle care and requested for how-to get beautiful and neat cuticle. And this was the most hard request to me because I honestly do nothing with my cuticles. I just don't have them and all I need is moisturize them well...

    But I want to stress DO NOT CUT or even bite never ever ur cuticles!! It may couse infection and simply create uncomfortable sensations at next stage of manicure. When cuticles damaged it may affect on slow growth of nails, as well as weak nails. If U have extra cuticle skin just use a cuticle remover and gently get rid of unwanted extra cuticle skin. Click [HERE] for step-by-step tutorial for cuticle care procedure.

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    For my cuticles personally I only need some kind of moisturizers just to soften them and help my nails grow a bit faster.

    • The Face Shop RICH HAND Almond Organic Marula Oil cuticle & nail balm. This is my favourite cuticle and nail balm. It looks and feels almost like a vaseline and works just great for my cuticles! I use it every single night before I go to the bed. And in the morning my nails looks very moisturized and neat.

    • The Face Shop Face & It collection Moisture Essence. This is creamy texture product to soften the cuticles, very light consistency and absorbs immediately to the cuticles. I like use it during the day time and when I change my pedicure. Works very well for softening cuticle area.

    • ARITAUM Nail Therapy Care cuticle oil. This is just a basic cuticle oil which I bought a few days ago. Smells very good, deep moistirizing. Sometimes when I want  something lighter than cuticle balm I like using this oil.

    • ARITAUM Shea Butter cuticle & nail balm. Because my TFS RICH HAND cuticle and nail balm used to the bottom and it's need a replacement I bought this one. The same texture, the same deep moisturizer but smells better :)

    Other than that I apply hand cream every now and then, try not allow the skin to be dry. 1-2 times a week I like to do a hand mask, keep it overnight or at least 30 mins. Just treat ur hands and cuticles daily and U will reach gorgeous-looking hands!

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    Thats it for MY cuticle care! If there is any questions please feel free to ask them below, I'll be happy to answer to U!



    P.S. I'm a bit OFF from blogging 'n such coz my lil' baby is still weak and don't eat at all. We didn't had a break between his growing teeth fever and flu. Yes, now he got flu and all the time I just try to feed him at least a little bit. This fall is so unusual and cold and all childrens has a different kindda reactions, so my lil' man decided to be ill. We are the most often hospital visitors LOL~

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