Challenge Day 21: Inspired by A COLOR

    I found that I don't have anything similar to the Knight's Armor from Nubar (Nubar Fortress Collection Spring 2010) and I always wanted that kind of nail polish. It looks to me like a plain black base nail color with silver glitters to it. And I decided to pick up suitable polishes from my collection The Face Shop Face & it nail polish in BK901 and VOV nail polish in Silver Shoes. And to make it looks more like a nail art I simply added some Nature Republic rhinestones on top.

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    My both hands.

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    I got  few questions about my nails:

    How do U function with long nails? Right now my nails are short, coz I took them down probably last month. I used to wear much longer nails than I have right now. And I do pretty good with them. Just be carefull, simply be girly, don't attempt to be like a man and do all the rough just remeber U are a woman and everything U do have to be delicate! And U'll never get broken nails, at least it works for me!

    Why did U cut ur nails? My nails was quite long and they started curling which looks ugly. I personally hate curling nails (doesn't matter whose nails they are), I like everything ideally perfect! From beauty to ugliness only one step, let's not do that step! It's just nails, they'll grow up again!

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