31 Day Challenge: Day 2 ORANGE nails

    For day 2 and orange nails I decided to use this nail polish which I have for a long time already but don't use it as often.

    The Face Shop nail polish from their Nail Talk collection in OR205. 3 layers on without top coat. The texture is quite runny so it's not very opaque. It's also very streaky even in 3 coats tho but this one works nicely for sponge technique 'n such. Dries in shiny creme finish.

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    I also made this nail design for a friend of my sister and I used orange nail polish for this design as well  ECLIPSE nail polish in BIKINI ORANGE. Gradient colors effect by using yellow orange and red nail polishes. Inspired by Safari and the butterflies is just random details LOL~

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    I found this picture in my photos folder I made those nail designs a long time ago.

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    Thats it for my orange nails.

    Whats is ur favourite neon color?

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