Simple Halloween Design for Short Nails


    This is another Halloween version for short nails. For this design I used just a water decals which is 5 different patterns for each nail and they are in gold. So I chose my main background color is True Violet by D.te (Korean brand nail polish and it was made by LG company). I have a few of those and I like them! D.te polishes is very nice and opaque consistency and it dries very fast!

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    Also to make it look more holiday-ish kindda I randomly added some purple hexagones which I bought from bornpretty store. I don't like them tho because they are fall off super easily, not long lasting at all. And I don't like using nail glue to stick something on my nails! But I think any thick nail polish have to work good as well because I don't have any problems with a fimo decorations but this hexagones are not recommended. Even it didn't cut each separately, U have to use 2-4 hexagones at ones and it looks like a long thick line >_<

    Sorry, the pictures are not clear because I took them early in the morning.

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    And it has "Happy Halloween" water decal for the thumb :D I sometimes get the question about where I bought those water decals and U can check it [HERE].

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    Thats it for today. I'll try to do more Halloween nails just to give U an idea for a manicure :)

    And as always thanx to all of U for visiting and leaving comments! Love U all!

    Have a great day!

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