ANASTASIA Beverly Hills: Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes

    HeLLo everyone! Recently I'm trying to bring back my make-up looks because a lot of U miss them and I know it :P So I'm practicing to hold my make-up brushes and blending eye shadows together. Because I haven't did a make-up for a long time and I'm a beginner again :) 

     But today I want to talk about ANASTASIA Beverly Hills: Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes kit shade: Brunette. Which I recently have got from Anastasia Beverly Hills as an award to my blog! Very do appreciate it! And thanQ very much for the privilege!

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     First of all the package: the actual packaging looks completely luxury and it absolutely practical to use. It's compact and light weight carton packaging.

    It includes detailed instructions for use straight from Anastasia! 

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    This Brunette eye brow kit contains: 

    Brow wax cream 

    Brow powder duo

    Eye shadow duo


    Angeled synthetic brush

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     5 differnt brow stencils.

    The stencils will work great for those who just started doing their make-up or for re-shaping eye brows. I personally don't like using them because the final effect seems to me more better and natural when it "free-handing".

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     The lid of the kit includes step-by-step instructions for use: how to perfect shape the eye brows, how to use the stencils, where to put the highlighting shadow and such. Very usefull information actually.

    I didn't followed the instructions very much kindda. But I first put the eye brow wax cream on my eye brows using the synthetic angled brush which came in the set. After that I applied the dark side of the eye brow powder with another angled brush which is more fluffy just for more natural effect. And then I applied the shimmery eyeshadow powder under my brows.

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    Pros: Very nice eye brow kit, it includes all necessary products to define the eye brows.

    Very useful packaging with a nice mirror and magnetic lock.

    Cons: It's not cheap product, costs $39.50 and in my concept for this money it needs to be a bit better than perfect! 

    I don't like when creamy textured products came together with powders in one package/kit. In my case it gets very dirty after a couple of uses.

    The brush has a very thin bristles and I can use it only for the brow wax.

    I don't see any point to use the brow wax cream because it suppose to keep in shape the eye brows all day long and it's not even enough for a few hours (my $5 clear mascara works much better!)


    It's good to try it out if you have extra money. The pay off of the powders is very good and stays all day long but I think some cheap drugstore eye brow palettes works just as great! 

    Have U tried this Anastasia eye brow kit? What is ur fave eye brow products?

    This product was sent to me by the company for review purpose.

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