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    HeLLo everyone and sorry it isn't a nail post today but my new skin care products. As U all know I'm a make-up and skin care maniac and my favourite skin care brand is Laneige and I've used quite the same skin care set a few years ago and decided to go back to it. Because my face skin still breaking out a lot especially on my cheeks area and I can't start using any anti-aging creams and such (it will contribute more breakouts!) But this works for me great, I mean worked very good when first try and actually I didn't used these yet.

    All this products contains in one box/skin care set. And my skin type is oily so I bought everything in "light" and for combination to oily skin types.

    1. POWER ESSENTIAL SKIN REFINER. Refreshing skin refiner with purifying and softening effect for clear skin.

    2. BALANCING EMULSION. Lightweight emulsion with purifying and hydro balancing care for fresh and clear skin.

    3. WATER BANK GEL CREAM. For normal to combination skin types. Also it comes with a spatula which is so nice because it good for hygienic considerations.

    4. WATER SLEEPNG PACK_EX. Snow crystal clear & hydrated skin with Snow water science. For all skin types. It's just a small 20 ml sample jar, the sleeping pack was sold out but it's ok, coz I bought another good one :)

    5. WATER BANK ESSENCE (sample tube)

    6. MULTI CLEANSER. Mild & through cleansing for clear & bright skin. For all skin types.

    7. SKIN REFINER + BALANSING EMULSION. Travel size products.

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    All this samples (below) I got for free to try out. Because now I'm looking for nice foam cleanser and eye cream.

    A sample box of WATER BANK ESSENCE and WATER BANK EYE GEL. And some basic trial kit which are good for traveling or in my case I like to take them to the sauna. Very useful! 

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    As I said before Laneige sleeping pack was sold out in my local Aritaum store I bought another sleeping pack by IOPE AQUAIN MASK PACK. The lady recommended this to me and said it's a new IOPE formula and won't cause acnes.

    " Moisturizing Sleeping Pack That Helps Moisturise Dry Skin:

    - This overnight mask pack is formulated with fine particles of transparent, nano-sized moisturizing ingredients.

    - Soothingly hydrates your skin while you sleep, slowly relieves stress from your skin, and effectively retains moisture.

    - Natural moisturizing elements bonded with dextrose are directly bonded on to the protein surface of your skin, enhancing moisturizing effects and improving skin tone, which results in hydrated and clear skin. "

    So, I am very exciting about this product and can't wait to use it!

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    And this is another stuff I got for free. They called it Anti - aging solution. Samples "book".

    The first page includs some information and products about "Wrinkle Care Solution". 4D Synergy Fit Sheet Mask and anti-aging essence samples.

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    On the next page is "Lifting Care Solution". Again, Lifting Sheet Mask by Mamonde and IOPE extra moist cream samples.

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    "Eye Zone Care Solution". IOPE wrinkle care for eyes and lips + Eye Zone Essence Mask Sheet.

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    And the last page includes "Hands Care Solution". Hand cream samples + hand mask sheet.

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    This is very interesting kindda "book". I really would like to try some facial mask sheets and may be buy more of them.

    If U interested in Laneige their web-site is and IOPE web-site is only Korean language...

    Thats all for my new skin care products. What is ur fave things U can't live without?

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