Etude House: Polka Dot Kawaii Nails

    Hi all! I was a little on the emotions of today because me and my hubby we went to see new apartments WOW! Because the aparments we are living now my "lovely" mother in law decided to gift to her daughter and we have to find a new place for us! Yes, that's big ass, and my "amazing" mother-in-law is totally senile! Oh, don't let me think of her, I get angry! Anyways, I'm completely in love with that new apartments, there is so many room, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a huge-huge living room and amazing place for make-uping 'n dressing room and such! I love that place a lot! And it seems like my hubby is also interested in that APT, sooo hopefully we can do it YAY!!

    I watched last week music show and I've noticed that a lot of K-pop was wearing black clothes with white polka dots. So I decided to make a manicure inspired by K-pop :) I found only one musical episode from last week with polka dot stuff but thats ok!

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    I also decided to add some cute elements as a bow stickers but they are not very noticeable. The bows are from The Face Shop btw. 

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    I applied 2 coats of natural beige nail polish, sponged creme black color and added some white dots with a white acrylic paint and middle size dotting tool. Stick some ribbons and sealed everything with clear top coat. 

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    Etude House nail polish I started this manicure with. This one from the ALOHA Coctail Syrop Nails kit. It's #1 base. I through away the box of this Aloha kit so I don't know the actual name of this polish, sorry ...

    But it's very nice natural creme polish. 2 layers on without top coat. Dries very-very fast!

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    I made my nails a bit shorter because they started curling and looked totally stupid. But thats not to short huh? What do U think?

    Hope I gave U some ideas for manicure :) Thats it for today! Thanx for stopping by and have a great day!

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