Oval Nail Shape? What Do u think?

    HeLLo everyone! It's just a very quick update for today because I'm still fixing all my previous blog posts by recovering lost photos. My Picasa album still glitching, it deletes my pictures by the rows, starting from the top and I'm so upset! Because I do love my blog very much and don't want there is a fail updates with exclamation marks instead of pictures!

    Recently I got into Kawaii nail style and all those cute Japanese nail decorates sooo much and I decided to challenge myself and grow out an oval shaped nails at this time! What do U think of this nail shape? Do U like it? Or it's better with a square nails? Please let me know ur honest opinion and what do U think coz it's important for me!!

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    Before I cut off the long nails I took some pictures with them :)

    Smart Enamel Nail Growth Stimulator. I still get some questions about this product and I honestly don't know any on-line stores where U can buy it. I bought mine in a local store of my home-town. There is a huge range of Smart Enamel products available. But I really do like this one, it works perfect and the result is totally visible!

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    Another nail growing stimulator by KISS. I started using it a few days ago and really don't know yet how it works, but I'll be update about it soon!

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    Thats all for today! Thanx for stopping by and don't forget to say what do U think of oval shaped nails!

    Have a great day!

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