FUN Image Plate Piano Stamping Design

    HeLLo everyone!

    I'm sucks at stamping art! I think the main problem is I have naturally curled nails and it works better on shorter or more "flat" nails as well! Am I wrong? Oh, then problem in me LOL~

    Anyways, today I used FAB image plate and special Black polish for the planned "Piano" design and I really like the full nail image on this plate because it perfectly suits for long nails just in one stamp! So, U don't need to go back and re-stamp rest of the nails (free edge in my case). And the black special polish is really great for stamping too it almost like a melted plastic!

    All this products I bought online. U can check it at Fab Ur Nails Shop. Johanne (the store owner) is so sweet! She'll inform everything U want to know about their products!

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    Here is my failed design! I don't know what the problem is because it print out nicely on my stamper and when I stamp it on the nails then some parts of images just don't transfers at all. Any advices?

    This is the main color I used. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection in WH 002. 2 layers on without top coat. Streaky in one coat, the second layer goes more smoothly. Just a basic creme white nail polish, it's my second bottle btw. But it dries very-very long time and it works good for stamping tho. And when sponge technique it works just as great, cause it's quite opaque color.

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    So, thats it! Sorry, kindda failed mani and I'm gonna re-do my nails right now LOL~

    Thanx for taking ur time and visiting me!

    Have a great day!

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