Sally Girl: Leopard Print Accent

    Ok! I didn't planned to do it red at all, I wanted it to be dark pink/magenta sorta color and it was 'till the top coat application. Kindda funny nail polish LOL~! But I will wear it for a few days more and gonna take it off coz I have way to much nail polish to try out :P

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    HOW TO DO:

    After applying base coat apply 2 coats of dark pink/red/magenta color, whatever U like and wait untill completely dry.

    Apply lilac side lines with the entire width of the nail polish brush. If need apply 2 coats as well.

    Outline them with a gold nail art polish (with a long brush). For more opaque result apply 2 coats.

    Place leopard print stickers on the lilac area (U can free hand leopard print).

    Seal everything with top coat and DONE!

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    Here how it looks in the shade...

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    Sally Girl mini version nail polish. Don't know the name tho, but it has this numbers on the side. 2 coats on without top coat. It's a matte finish. And it looks like a plastic nails :) After top coat application it turns out in true red color. I used it as a main background color for the manicure design.

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    Thats it for today! Thanx again for taking time and visiting me!

    Have a great day!

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